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Tech Talk with Marc Löffler : Finding the secret of passionate teams

by Tech_Hub Düsseldorf

Marc Loeffler is a renowned keynote speaker, author, and agile coach. Before getting in touch with a...


Mon, 23 Jul 2018

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Marc Loeffler is a renowned keynote speaker, author, and agile coach. Before getting in touch with agile methods and principles in 2006, he was working as a traditional project manager for companies like the Volkswagen AG or the Siemens AG. His passion is to help teams implementing agile frameworks and to transform our world of work. Marc has a passion for helping teams that are struggling with agile transitions and overcoming dysfunctional  behavior. He loves to generate new insights by approaching common problems from the other side and trying to make deliberately havoc of the process. Marc is the author of “Improving Agile Retrospectives” published in the Mike Cohn series by Addison-Wesley Professional.
His key note is called “The secret of highly passionate teams” You may have seen this: A company decided to become agile and introduced an agile framework like Scrum. The management hopes for higher product quality, a better TTM (Time to Market), an improved risk management, finally a project that is on time and budget and more. Although they implemented Scrum by the book, after about half a year, they realize, that none of the promises came true. The Scrum Master is searching desperately for another, a better tool he can try next, but none of them has the desired effect. Step by step the team is falling back into their old habits and in the end they say: Scrum does not work. And they are right! Only by putting a new shiny saddle on your dead horse, you won’t get it running again.

It doesn’t help to blindly copy a process from a successful team and hope it will work in your context. What you really need, is a passionate team. A team that can deliver, even if their environment isn’t the best. But what do you need to get such a passionate team? In my talk, you’ll learn what is needed to build a passionate team. I’ll give you all the tools and show you, how to apply these techniques in your own context.

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