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What are you passionate about?

tech_hub connects you online and offline to collaborate with people who are sharing common interests.

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How do I join?

Just sign up with your Facebook account, fill out your profile and discover recommended members in your network. Invite friends to join too. The more people you are connected to, the larger the network you can get information from.

How much does it cost?

tech_hub is free to use. To attend events you might be charged by the organiser.

How does tech_hub help the community?

Working and studying in tech is constantly challenging to keep up with new developments. tech_hub provides you information about dates where to meet people with common interests and helps you to build relationships based on your skill set. If you organise meet-ups you can use tech_hub to promote your events in the tech_hub community by synchronising with your account.

Why and

tech_hub becomes more valuable as more people use it, since each person you are connected to expand the number of people who you can get access to. Facebook helps us mark these connections more easily, but don’t worry, people won’t be able to contact you directly through Facebook. is number one platform for tech events, but doesn’t give you an overview outside of your city. Thats why tech_hub is basically a filter for the most interesting meet-ups in tech. At a later stage we will include more ways to connect and activate your network.

Why are you starting this?

tech_hub is run by people who are passionate about technology, who organise hackathons, barcamps and meet-ups to enrich knowledge, network and skills of the tech community. Since there was no suitable platform where events and people in tech can meet and collaborate, we started it.

What are you trying to solve?

The internet can be a powerful tool to connect people that have a specific need, with others that have the skills and knowledge to help. But most platforms where young people in tech search for each other actually make it hard to truly connect. We want an easier way to find someone you could build connection with, based on trust, collaboration and mutual support.